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Remove Stinky Cat Litter Odors With These 4 Simple Solutions

by Susan Pi September 29, 2016 0 Comments

Remove Stinky Cat Litter Odors With These 4 Simple Solutions

No one likes a stinky litter box, not you and especially not your cat. It's tempting to place the litter box as far away as possible from the main part of the house, but if you make it too hard for your cat to get to it, he'll find some place more convenient to do his business.

Laundry rooms can be too noisy for a sensitive cat, and in a small apartment, that litter box smell will permeate through every room no matter where you put it. But let's get down to the basics, the first thing you can do to cut down on offensive odor is to scoop your litter box at least once a day, regularly clean out (and disinfect) the entire box, and feed your cat a good quality food. However, given its purpose, even the most meticulously cleaned box will eventually smell.

Remove Stinky Cat Litter Odors With These 4 Simple Solutions

So, short of toilet-training your cat, what else is there to do? Well lucky you, we have some pawsome tips that should help you either completely eliminate or at least reduce the odors to a more subtle level.  


1. Use A Quality Litter Deodorizer

Using litter deodorizers is an easy hack (if we can call it that) to make fresh litter last a lot longer. Keep in mind that you're not trying to mask the odors by covering it up with perfumes and other fragrances. Don't use air fresheners and avoid using scented plug-ins nearby. A cat's nose is so sensitive that unfamiliar, harsh scents can deter him from using the litter box.

A quality litter deodorizer will absorb the stink and moisture by targeting the molecules which cause that smell in the first place, not just cover up the smell (this is not a perfume). Considering a litter deodorizer is mixed into the litter and will come into contact with your kitty, a non toxic variation is to lookout. Organic litter deodorizers, such as the one we offer tend to be slightly more expensive due to using better oils rather than chemicals. If you want to go down the path of a organic deodorizer, look for one that is made in either USA or Canada as they tend to be better regulated. 

Most major cat litter brands such as Tidy Cats, World Best Cat Litter & Dr Elsey's already have a variation that comes with odor additives added into the mix, but to my experience they don't always work as good as the stand-alone products we buy. Whether or not that is because of the concentration I do not know, could be a cost thing, who knows. 


Currently on a tight budget? Don't fret, we've a few low budget option for you..

2. The Budget Solution To Reduce Litter Box Odors

Baking soda has been used as a litter deodorizer for a long time by many cat owners. It's not only absorbent but can also suck up odor like nothing else. You may have heard that baking soda can be be toxic, but don't panic sherlock. Just as pointed out in this article, baking soda is only toxic in larger amounts.

As long as you don't dump the whole bag into the litter box your kitty should be OK. Just sprinkle a thin layer of baking soda over the bottom of the box, then pour the litter on top of it. You may have just reduced odors by up to 50%, Con-catu-lation!


3. Use Activated Charcoal 

activated charcoal cat litter box odor


It's been hard to miss the recent use of activated charcoal (or carbon). It seems like new products pop up everyday containing this "magical" ingredient, from shampoos, to face-masks and dental treatments. But the truth is, activated charcoal has its benefits and if you never tried it before to reduce odors it's definitely worth a try.

Activated carbon is used medically to absorb toxins (hence all these products), and in a litter box, a small amount can take care of a lot of odor. While it's safe to use around pets, it can be messy, especially in its powdered form. If your cat gets it on his paws, you'll come home to find black, sooty paw prints all over the house. Let's just say we warned you here...

Instead of mixing it into the litter directly, try bundling a small amount of activated carbon in several layers of cheese cloth and then put the bundle somewhere near the litter box.


As a sidenote of using activated charcoal to remove litter box odors, this product is also excellent to remove old apartment smells and fridge odors. Give it a try.


4. Love Green Tea? Use Green Tea To Remove Odors


green tea kitty litter odor removed


This method is probably the least conventional, but it does work and has some good science behind it.  After your next cup of green tea (yes it has to be green tea specifically), dry out the leaves by placing it on a paper handtowel under the sun and then crush it up and mix it into the litter. Green tea leaves specifically have natural anti-bacterial properties which makes it a perfect use to remove AND absorb odors. You've probably come across green tea cat litter on Amazon, this is the very reason why people are using this.

If you aren't a green tea lover (we don't get you) but still want to give this method a go, make sure you brew your tea properly before draining the liquids and drying the leaves. Brewing the tea reduces the caffeine levels which can be harmful for pets. 


Over to you. Have you tried any of these solutions? How did they work? Let us know in the comments!

Susan Pi
Susan Pi

Susan Pi is a freelance writer, specializing in pets, travel, and history. When she's not traveling, she enjoys playing story-driven video games. You'll often find her in San Francisco dreaming of cats.


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