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August Fan Of The Month

by Nikitta Al-Amre August 09, 2017 0 Comments

August Fan Of The Month


Our Fan Of the Month is back and we have a new winner this month. As the popularity is increasing we are also receiving more submissions every month, so thank you to all of you!

Crosby and his dog Disco are our latest winners, congratulations! You guys  will take home a $50 gift card to spend on products from Smiling Paws Pets. If you would like to participate in fan of the month promotion, keep reading as we have all the instructions on how to join written a bit further down.

  fan of the month august

Hello Crosby, we would like to get to know you and Disco. He looks adorable! Tell us a little something about Disco?

Disco is an almost ten pound Boston Terrier who loves to travel, snuggle, play with his kitties and spoon with his dog brother, Whoopie Pie.


How has living with pets changed your life?

Our lives have always been full of pets - it’s just the number that changes. Disco shares his life with horses, cats and dogs and has close friends that are goats and pigs!


What is his behavior like on a walk?

Disco is very obedient on his harness. When he walks he is always looking at the scenery, offering kisses to children and checking in with his mom and dad to make sure he’s doing the right thing.


What is his favorite food?

Disco loves his Zignature Grain free Kangaroo protein kibble. He get ⅔ cup per day.


Which of our product (s) do you have and how has it made your parenting life easier?

We have the 4 way expandable soft sided pet carrier, and it is amazing! When Disco is in the carrier he is relaxed and content. When we arrive at the hotel, the carrier expands into a giant condo that allows him to stretch and rest in complete comfort and safety. He can even wiggle and roll around freely after a long plane ride or day of exploring


How does Disco show his affection?

Disco loves to snuggle and lick. Unlike a large dog, his tongue is soft and gentle and there is no slobber!



How did you first hear about us?

Amazon.com search


If they want to check Disco's photos how can they find him?

You can check out Disco’s activities and life on Instagram @discgoalz.


Ok any last words are yours…

We are so happy you chose Disco as the fan of the month. We will certainly look at Smiling Paws first for all of our future cat and dog purchases.

smiling paws pets dog fan

Would you like to participate in our Fan Of The Month promotion?

Our Fan Of The Month promotions runs a few times a year and we highlight customer, their pets and stories! To participate,  Email us a photo of your pet using our products or tag your photos on social media with #smilingpawspets and you will go to the draw of becoming our fan of the month and win a $50 gift voucher.


Nikitta Al-Amre
Nikitta Al-Amre

A serial(read serious)-traveller and digital marketing meowster at Smiling Paws Pets, in that order. Cat parent and part-time butler for Tiger and Smokey #adoptdontshop

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