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Camping With Cats: The Only Guide You Need!

by Erin Platt October 18, 2016 0 Comments

Camping With Cats: The Only Guide You Need!

Taking the dog and go camping has always been one of those typical things that bring pets and owners together. But what about cat owners bringing their felines out for an adventure?

Ryan Carter who is the creator of @campingwithdogs (amazing page by the way) on Instagram is now  encouraging cat owners to do the same. He has also started the hashtag campaign #campingwithcats to encourage more people to do the same.

So you’ve decided to head out camping with out cat, now what?

Hold your horses…

Camping with dogs vs camping with cats is a whole different ballpark. Lucky for you, Laura Moss over at Adventure Cat has written this fantastic camping guide for cats for you to read before your next outdoor escape. And if that wouldn’t be enough, we have collected some of the best photographs right here..

camping with cats

kitten camping

taking your cat for camping

bring the kitty camping


So are you ready for camping with your kitty?

Erin Platt
Erin Platt

Erin has 6 years experience working directly with Cats in a Chicago based VET. Since 2014, Erin has also contributed to various pet magazines including AGE, NY times and LA weekly writing pet related articles. Her focus is mainly of health issues, pet food and housing.


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