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How To Pick The Best Bed For Your Cat

by Alma J. Buelva October 25, 2018 0 Comments

How To Pick The Best Bed For Your Cat

You are working on your computer when suddenly your cat decided your keyboard and your wrist are better used for sleeping. Or you could be lying down and in seconds your cat gets the same idea, only it prefers to lie on top of you.


Cats often regard people as convertible beds because we provide them warmth, security and comfort. For these quintessential sleepers who can shut their eyes for 16 hours a day, these three are non-negotiable features for a good cat bed.


Cats don't enjoy sleeping on bare, cold floors unless the days are hot or they don't have a choice. With that in mind, your cat's bed should be nice to sleep on anytime of the day and in any season. To meet that all-weather standard, it's important to find a cat bed with the right fabric and construction design.


Choose the right fabric for your cat bed

Ideally, a cat bed should be made of cool fabric—temperature-wise, that is. It is easy to top it with an extra layer of thick towel, blanket or even a heat pad when the temperature drops. Luxurious silk, velvet or any loosely woven fabric that can easily fray are not ideal bedding materials for cats, whereas organic cotton, denim, canvas and microfiber are cat-friendly breathable textiles. Always try to find cat beds in these materials, preferably with a tight weave that can withstand a cat's claws, especially when it is kneading.


Because cats spend most hours of the day in bed, the fabric for it better be stain- and odor-resistant and doesn't act as fur magnet. Choose cat beds with fabrics in dark or earth tone colors and or with patterns that help hide loose fur that adheres to the bed itself.


A washable cat bed is important so cat owners won't have reason not to launder it as often as needed. It is also absolutely crucial that a cat bed doesn't bleed dye to remove the risk of cats accidentally ingesting dye substances when their bed gets wet while they're using it.


Pay attention to cat bed design

When dealing with a very picky client like a cat, it's best to pay attention to every product detail. Not all cat beds are created equal. Some are quite lavishly constructed while others are plain practical. No matter how it looks, a cat bed must be durable to accommodate at least two full-grown cats at any time.


Unless your cats prefer a more private and boxy bed, their typical bed shouldn't be too deep so you can still see them in it from across the room. A well-defined and low point of entry and exit is good but not necessary (although it serves kittens well). The bottom should have anti-skid padding to keep it in place.


Aside from the mattress itself, the wall and all sides of the cat bed must be cushioned softly but still sturdy enough for cats to lean or prop their heads on, like a pillow, as they sleep. Inspect how the cat bed was stuffed with polyester fiber filler as it could affect a cat's comfort level. Are there clumps or was it stuffed too much or too little? With the right degree of fluffiness, a cat bed could become your cat's favorite hangout.


If you want versatility, look for cat beds with convertible features such as a detachable canopy or igloo-like cover for a more private accommodation especially on cold days, or snap-on fasteners that can quickly transform a cat bed into a cool mat when unbuttoned. Smiling Paws Pets have a cat bed and cavefor you to checkout.


Extra things to consider before getting a cat bed

A bed is very personal even for a cat and highly territorial ones don't like sharing it with other pets. In a multi-cat household, uniform cat beds might not work because of the cats' differences in size, age, temperament and health. Senior cats, for example, could use a more shallow and less fluffy bed as they need more support. Young cats, on the other hand, might enjoy roomier and elevated beds where they could play and sleep.


Cat owners should also think ahead where they want to put the cat bed – would it be in a corner, under a furniture or on the sofa? Measure first the area where the cat bed will be located and make the necessary adjustments based on size and shape.


Finally, ask yourself who will fix or mend the cat beds if need be? Basic sewing might be required to repair them from time to time to avoid repeatedly buying a new one.


Truth is, cats instinctively prefer to sleep in our beds rather than their own. Of all the creature comforts we can give our cats, their bed must be one that wins their approval so that they will stay out of ours. The incentive to get it right is very obvious: when kitty gets a good sleep, so do we.


What cat bed do you have and what are the some of the features you like and dislike with your current bed? 

Alma J. Buelva
Alma J. Buelva

Alma Buelva is a freelance journalist. When she's not writing about business and technology, she devotes her time taking care of animals and writing about them, too. She also manages MetroPets, an online pets magazine for the Philippine pet industry.


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