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July Fan Of The Month

by Victoria Davis July 03, 2017 0 Comments

July Fan Of The Month

Yay, July is here and it only means one thing... We have a new Fan of the month wohoo! This month we highlight Aylim and her beautiful kitty Sisu. This is our third consecutive month where we host our fan of the month promotion and we couldn't be any happier with all fantastic photos we've received recently, so THANK YOU! Aylim will take home a $50 gift card to spend on products from Smiling Paws Pets. If you would like to participate in fan of the month promotion keep reading as we have all the instructions on how to join written a bit further down.

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Hi Aylim, tell us a little about Sisu. How old is he and what mischievous or cheeky things he get up too?

Sisu came from the cat shelter last August. His birthday is unknown, but we suspect that he was born around May 2016 (so we celebrated his birthday on May 5 th this year, which is also Children’s Day in Korea).

Sisu is a Finnish word that describes their national character, which means grit, resilience, and courage in the face of adversity.

He loves to go into the closet and sometimes take a nap. But overall he is a very cautious and quiet creature and meditates sometimes on the bathroom mat. He seems to love birds and white mouse toys.


Describe the daily routine you go through with your fur-baby

He attempts to wake me up at 6 am by meowing sweetly. When that works, he shows that he is pleased by licking my face or my arms. When it doesn’t work, he takes a little stroll around the house, trying to wake other people up.

When I wake up I change his water bowl, give him food, and then fix his litter box. I play with him in the morning, and after coming home from work.


How has living with pets changed your life?

It’s very strange, but I don’t have nightmares as I used to. It also gave me a routine in daily life, and a sense of responsibility.


How does Sisu show his affection to you?

He comes to me and buries his face in my arms. When he wants to say thank you, he licks my hands or my arms.


What's a reminder that you want to give us that on how to take care of our furr-baby during winter and summer time?

I would say humans should be reminded that cats have a higher body temperature than us humans, and their sense of warmth might be different.


How did you first hear about us?

I was searching through Amazon for a cat bed, and I found the perfect cat bed from Smiling Paws Pets


Ok besides your purchase from Smiling Paws Pets, what is that one favorite pet product that you simply cannot live without?

It would probably be a Mattatabi mini ball from Blue Mountains. It’s a small ball that smells of Mattatabi and Sisu loves to roll it around the house and play.


Three quick questions:    

   - Indoors or outdoors cat?  Indoors cat

   - Dry food or wet food?  Dry food

   - Automatic litter box or manual litter box?  Manual litter box


Ok the last words are yours

If you would like to see more of Sisu, please visit www.instagram.com/sisuthedreamcat

How to participate in our Fan Of The Month Promotion

We pick a new winner each month, so there are plenty more opportunities to win! Email us a photo of your pet using our products or tag your photos on social media with #smilingpawspets and you will go to the draw of becoming our fan of the month and win a $50 gift voucher.


Victoria Davis
Victoria Davis

Victoria Davis is the Co-Founder of Smiling Paws Pets. You can read her full story here.


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