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June Fan Of The Month

by Victoria Davis June 04, 2017 0 Comments

June Fan Of The Month

Fan of the month is our latest monthly promotion which goes to highlight the amazing members of our community. Each month we browse through all the photos that have either been sent to us or tagged on social media and pick one winner. The winner will receive a $50 gift voucher to spend on future purchases with us. This month we highlight Curtis & Spike, and their caretaker Teresa Youngblood which takes home a $50 voucher from us, congratulations. Below is a short interview where we asked her a few questions, enjoy the read.


Hi Teresa, tell us a little about your kitties. What’s their age and what mischievous or cheeky things do they get up to?

Spike is 15 years and Curtis now six months. Curtis worships Spike, who reluctantly tolerates his kitten antics (and I think, is secretly coming to adore Curtis too). Joyful, funny and quirks: awkward kitten hugs from Curtis to Spike, Curtis selfie taking (he's fascinated with his reflection), sudden kitten zoomies around the living room. Movie night at our house now means watching bird videos on YouTube.

  June fan of the month

Describe the daily routine you go through with your fur-babies

Kittens just want to have fun! So lots of play time. Then here’s meal preparation, grooming, the occasional bath (Curtis is a Peterbald, and requires a bath every couple of weeks), just hanging out...and an occasional walk to the park. Spike enjoys going out on a harness, and I’m slowly training Curtis to see if he might enjoy it too.


How has living with pets changed your life?

They bring joy and companionship every day. I find them an amazing lesson in unconditional love, being present in the moment and other spiritual lessons too. I did pet therapy with Spike when he was younger, and hope that Curtis might in time enjoy doing similar work.


How did you first hear about us?

I did an exhaustive search for the best cat bed, and your company came up time and time again. The beds have met and exceeded my high hopes and expectations, and are the most beloved objects in my cats’ worlds.


Ok besides your purchase from Smiling Paws Pets, what is that one favorite pet product that you just cannot live without?

Their beds are definitely number one. Da Bird cat toys are next.


Ok we have three quick questions for you

- Indoors or outdoors cat? Indoor
- Dry food or wet food? Combination along with homemade food
- Automatic litter box or manual litter box? Manual


Any last words are yours …

We are so grateful to Smiling Paws for our cat beds. They are a source of comfort, play and pleasure for both my cats every day and I’ve never made a better purchase. I can’t tell you how much my cats truly, truly love their cat beds. Thank you so much!

  fan of the month June

How to participate in our Fan Of The Month Promotion

We pick a new winner each month, so there are plenty more opportunities to win! Email us a photo of your pet using our products or tag your photos on social media with #smilingpawspets and you will go to the draw of becoming our fan of the month and win a $50 gift voucher.


Victoria Davis
Victoria Davis

Victoria Davis is the Co-Founder of Smiling Paws Pets. You can read her full story here.

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