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May Fan Of The Month

by Victoria Davis May 02, 2017 0 Comments

May Fan Of The Month

From time to time we receive photos and videos from customers and their pets using our products. And I must say, it's definitely the highlight of the day as we giggle, laugh and cry. So we've been thinking of a way we can reward our fans sending in photos and we came up with The Smiling Paws Pets Fan Of The Month. 

Every month we pick a Fan Of The Month and the winner gets a $50 gift voucher on Smiling Paws Pets. More info about this further down.

A couple of weeks ago I had the opportunity to speak to one of our customers, Barbara Trapp.  She emailed me to let me know how her new products were working out and included some photos of her kitties. The email came in the midst of us planning this new monthly promotion so we decided there and then that she would be our first pick. A few emails later, and she agreed for us to ask her a few questions. Enjoy the read...


may fan of the month smiling paws pets

Tell us a little about your felines

- I saw them at a local pet store in a cage sleeping with their arms around each other. Then when I walked over later to take a final look at those precious babies, they were yawning, stretching and heading to their food bowl. They ate from the same bowl, then played together. I was ready to pay for the bird food for our African Grey when a sign above the kitten’s cage said for adoption from our local animal shelter…could be adopted individually! I was outraged and decided I was going to adopt two kittens so they could stay together. What a process. I had to fill out several pages about other pets in the home, would the kittens have a safe, special area of their own, would we have them cared for if we went on vacation.

Weeks went by and no word. Finally, I called and was told my application was on the desk and the staff was considering us, but we had a bird. I assured them we are responsible pet lovers and had cats, gerbils, birds, fish and hamsters all living together without harming or eating one another. We got the kittens, hooray.!

We just couldn’t see those litter-mates separated after learning their sad story. They needed each other. They are Domestic Shorthair cats now nine years old and will be 10 on Thanksgiving Day. Had it not been for the shelter they would have frozen to death the cold January night someone dropped of a box of five kittens, thought to be about four weeks old, at the door of the shelter. Of the five our furries were the only survivors. 

My son had been observing the kittens closely. He wanted to name them Oscar & Felix. As I watched them, I agreed. The two fit in one cat carrier when we got them from the shelter.   Darren got food and water ready for them and opened the carrier. Out hopped Oscar and headed for the food. He made a mess of the food dish and splashed water all over the floor. Felix very cautiously exited and looked all around. He ate so daintily and cleaned up after his brother. We knew the names were perfect for those two. Nine years later, Felix still grooms and cleans up after his brother.

Like in The Odd Couple, Oscar likes to eat just about anything and has a far more laid back and lazy disposition. Felix, on the other hand, is far more finicky both in what he eats as well as tidiness. He always wants to know what we are eating. Oscar wants to eat what we are having whereas Felix sniffs & then wants to bury it.


Can you share a great memory with us involving your cats?  

- The first-time Oscar saw snow on our front deck he jumped out the door and right into a pile of snow. He became The Snow Cat. I wrote a brief story about Oscar the Snow Cat with photos of him rolling and jumping into piles of snow. I used it for a winter story time at the library where I worked. Oscar always yelped and howled as he rolled around in snow. He was very unhappy when I brought him inside. I had to because he has a wild streak when left unattended. Twice he has run away and I was terrified he’d be hit by a car.

Felix wanted to be brave and follow Oscar into the snow. I will always remember his stunned look as his front paws touched the snow. He jumped backwards, looked at his right paw, shook it, licked it and backed all the way into the house where he stayed. Over the years, he’s allowed himself to step out, walk a few feet, turn around and head back inside where he grooms himself for half an hour. When Oscar comes inside, Felix grooms his brother lovingly.


How has having cats changed your life? 

- My first baby picture has me sitting on a blanket outside with my arm around a tabby cat. I have always loved cats and have had them and a dog in my youth. As an adult, my busy work schedule and family life precluded a dog as they bark and need to be walked. Thus, the assorted small animals we have raised. 

Having cats has made me responsible for other beings. I not only have two playmates and companions, but am also their caretaker making sure they get fed and have clean bathrooms. Finding new toys & treats for them as well as coming up with creative new ways to interact with them: looking for different places to hide their toys/treats, using various boxes as temporary homes or hiding places for Oscar to plan a surprise attack on his brother Felix! (Darren)


When & where did you first hear about Smiling Paws Pets?

- We were on Amazon looking for the best mat to minimize litter being tracked throughout the house. I noticed a new company had a mat that not only had the perfect color selection and a cute cat logo, but a very interesting physical design. Your mat’s unique surface texture appeared to offer the most thorough paw cleaning and was large enough to cover the wood floor of our new Cat Washroom Bench while providing pee-proof protection.


Which of our product(s) do you have and how has it made your pet parenting life easier?

- The two brown cat mats we own have made me the happiest! They catch the litter as the cats exit the litter box. I used to spend every day trying to sweep up the litter they scattered all over the area of the box.

And I mean more than once a day because the litter crystals were sharp and stuck in one’s slippers and into the feet…not pleasant. And the mess on the stairs to the lower level, I had to vacuum far more frequently because the cats would lay on a step and clean their paws. When that area got too messy for them, they would move on down the winding steps. It was unpleasant and unsightly and I hate vacuuming curving, carpeted steps! My steps have never looked so good. I can now forget vacuuming them for a week.

We have your Natural Cat Litter Box Deodorizer which is my next favorite. It has such an unusual and pleasant fragrance. We smell cinnamon and mint; lovely smells we’ve used in candles. No more cat box smells.

Pet Odor & Stain Eliminator Spray we haven’t had to use yet.   Well, you may not believe this but Oscar just spit up on the carpet in the living room. He’d been looking out the slider onto the back deck and upchucked! Darren is using the product as I type. We won’t know results for a while. He just said it has the same smell as the Litter Box Deodorizer.


What is the best advice you would like to share with other pet owners?

- Absolutely be patient with a new cat you are introducing to your surroundings and your routine. Never hit a cat who has piddled on your carpet, or scream at them or rub their nose in it. Cats are so unlike the dogs we’ve had. Dogs want desperately to be your best friend in life; cats just want to be fed and go their own way. And, of course, dogs should never be beaten either.

And Darren quietly cleaned up after Oscar’s incident while I kept Oscar in the kitchen on the uncarpeted area! Oscar is fine.


Besides Smiling Paws Pets products, what is the one other favorite pet product you simply can’t live without? 

- Friskies Pull and Play is a big thing in the life of Oscar and Felix ( Watch Friskies Pull and Play on Youtube). Felix adores the tender strings though Oscar only likes the treats inside the Pull and Play. It can keep them busy for at least 15 minutes or longer.

A ball they chase up and down stairs is another biggie for me because it gives them lots of exercise and keeps them agile. Other than that, after nearly 10 years, we’re pretty well situated when it comes to the needs of the boys.


And the last words are yours….

- Did I mention that Felix is our Pele? He is always doing flips and jumping around batting small balls of tin foil while twisting in the air. He one day discovered the light switch in a hallway. He jumped for it and turned the hall lights on, then off.   Not to be outdone, as we were praising Felix for his dexterity, Oscar began to jump onto my Teeter, balance it then rock back and forth and jump off when he was done.   I think we have remarkable cats.

And we love them to pieces!


Would you like to be our next Fan Of The Month?

Barbara Trapp is our May Fan Of The Month and winner of a $50 gift voucher. If you want the chance to be our Fan Of The Month next month, send us a photo of your kitty using our products and you might be next up. You can either tag us on social media or send it directly via Email


Good Luck!

Victoria Davis
Victoria Davis

Victoria Davis is the Co-Founder of Smiling Paws Pets. You can read her full story here.

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