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Advanced+ Veterinary Cat & Dog Ear Tris Flush – Medicated Ketoconazole Formula with fast relief from infections

  • The Smiling Paws Trish Flush wash is a new and uniquely formulated ear cleaner for dogs and cats. Purposely made to combat fungal and bacterial infections fast and effective. Through testing in research, we’ve developed a mild non-sting formula that is effective without creating discomfort, WOFF!

    Treatment is simple. Forget scraping or rubbing harsh pads in your pets’ already infected and sensitive ears. Simply just squeeze a liberal amount of Trish Flush in your pets' ear, wipe any excess and you are done!

    Here are some common reasons why people LOVE the cat & dog ear cleaner solution from Smiling Paws:

    1.  Rapid treatment of infected, inflamed or swollen ears in dogs and cats
    2.  It quickly eliminates bacterial, fungal and yeast infections.
    3.  It stops headshaking and itchy years within 24-48 hours
    4.  It’s rounded ear cleanser equally effective against yeast, fungal, mites, and other OTIC infections.
    5.  It removes gooey build-ups and ear wax
    6.  It’s PERFECT for a general cleanse and to deodorisation to dry and acidify ear canals.
    7. It’s affordable!

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