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Cat Litter Mat [Beige]


The Smiling Paws Pets premium kitty litter mat is the perfect solution for messy litter box areas. The mat traps excess litter from your cat's paws, stopping litter from being tracked all around your home. It is also suitable for cats who dig and scratch litter out the litter tray.

  • Extra thick to prevent tears and rips from cats claws
  • BPA & Phthalate free
  • Skid-free bottom
  • Easy to clean. Simply shake excess litter off or use a vacuum cleaner
  • Completely urine proof in case of those out the box misses
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frequently asked questions

How do I clean this mat?

To remove litter pellets you can simply vacuum or shake the mat until the litter falls out. From time to time or in the case of an accident, rinse the mat under running water and use a pet-friendly cleaning product to sanitize.

My special-need cat sometimes pees on mats. Is there any fabric on this that would retain an odor after hosing it down?

No, it is a plastic/rubbery material and can easily be sanitized with running water and appropriate cleaning products.

Can I cut this mat so fit against my oddly angled bathroom wall?

Yes, you can cut it, but if your kitty pees or other liquid falls on the mat there is a chance it might spill onto the floor.


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